Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bistrot dei Sognatori: A Gem in the Town of Alba

The Bistrot dei Sognatori is an ideal place for anyone who wants to have a good and affordable dining experience in Alba. The name “Dei Sognatori”, meaning “dreamers’ bistro”, derives from the philosophy of the restaurant: the waiter told me they want to live in a happy, alternative and different world, just like dreamers.

The d├ęcor of the restaurant is simple yet unique, with walls full of works of art and modern paintings. In front of the bistrot, there is the “Osteria Dei Sognatori”, which is managed by the same owners. The difference is that the bistro is a casual place where you can have a quick meal, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, while the osteria is a more formal restaurant. However, they use the same ingredients and offer very similar dishes. The Bistro is ideal if you are looking for a good and quick lunch with friends.

The seatings

The Interior

The Outside

The chef uses mostly fresh and local products. The menu changes daily, depending on the availability of the ingredients. As an entree’, I got a free appetizer made with focaccia, salami and fresh cheese. I ordered the pumpkin soup. It came with a slice of toasted bread and melted Tuma cheese, which is very typical in the Langhe area. The soup was sweet, tasty and a little spicy. It was served with some olive oil on top and a leaf of rosemary. I had it with a good glass of Barbera D'Alba wine from the Marinacci winery. It was a fruity, full-bodied wine with hints of black cherry.

Cheese and Prosicutto

Pumpkin Soup

Glass of Barbera D'Alba

As a dessert, I had “Salame al cioccolato”, which in the local Piedmontese version includes ground hazelnuts, chocolate and chopped biscuits. It was fresh and soft as butter: it melted in my mouth.

Salame al Cioccolato


The service was efficient. I did not wait more than five minutes for the serving. The waiters were young, friendly and open to any question. The overall experience was great. I ate fresh and local food at a good price (15 euros), all in a friendly and cozy environment.
Location: 12051 Alba CN, Italia