Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Top 10: Things to do at Salone Del Gusto and Terra Madre

1) Meeting former classmates from UNISG, like Matt.

2) Getting to know Fracassi, the artisanal salumi producer who is supplying the shop where I work in London.

3) Meeting an African Delegate who told me about a special sweet apple banana from Uganda.

4) Tasting artisanal beers from London and New Zeland.


5)Tasting Street Food "Slow Food Style", like Farinata di Ceci with Pesto and Pizza made with Slow Food Presidium products, including Capocollo from Martina Franca (Puglia).

6) Seeing an improvised traditional music and dancing at Terra Madre, in the Lebanese stand.


7)Meeting a producer of cider who I already visited during a study trip in Valle D’Aosta.

8) Tasting a unique liquor made with an indigenous melon from Paceco (Sicily).

9) Learning about a different kind of Mortadella from Campotosto

 10)Tasting a Toscano Cigar and Negroni with friends

Location: Torino TO, Italia