Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Authentic Flavours and A Piece of Pulia in London Bridge: Review of Pulia

A new Italian deli- Pulia -has opened in the area of Borough Market and offers traditional gastronomic products from the region of Puglia. At Pulia you can have a delicious coffee at the bar or a meal seating in. It is self-service and you can buy foods to take away.


There is a very large variety of products, including extra virgin organic olive oil, traditional Pugliese pasta (like orecchiette, whose shape is similar to small ears) and wines made with local grape varieties. I recommend full-bodied reds such as Nero Di Troia.

Most products come straight from the food laboratory in Puglia and many are organic. I recommend the focaccia Barese burnt wheat ("grano arso", in Italian). In the past, farmers used to make use of leftover burnt wheat for personal use. However, they recently realized that this wheat gave a smoky aroma to the flour, great to make pasta and pizza. So this focaccia, too, has a pleasant smoky aroma. It is filled with tomatoes and olives.

There is a good variety of cured meats. My favorite is Capocollo di Martina Franca, which is slightly smoky and flavorsome. Prosciutto di Faeto, made in the province of Foggia, is also worth trying.

Want some cheese? Try fresh mozzarella and burrata, which arrive weekly from Puglia. Also, have a taste of caciocavallo (made with milk from a local breed of cattle called "Podolica"), scamorza (fresh and smoked). If you are seating in, get the mixed platter (for 2 people) so you get to try a wide variety of products for £17,50. If you want something lighter, try filled focaccia or mixed salad, both with typical products like capocollo. To end the meal, have an espressino and pasticciotto with lemon custard, a filled pie typical of Salento.

Location: Londra, Regno Unito