Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Top 10 things to Do in Paris: a Foodies' Guide

Paris is a city full of culture and history. Food and wine play an important role in Parisian daily life, thus there is a lot to discover for foodies.

Let's look at 10 Foodie Things you can do whilst you are visiting the city.

1. Visit Montmatre and enjoy the whole view of Paris. Check out the only remaining vineyard of Paris: "Clos Montmatre". It dates back to 1932 and includes 27 grape varieties, including Gamay and Sauvignon.

The view from Montmatre

The Vineyards

2) Eat Local food at the food market "Le Marche' Des Enfants Rouge". At "Le Coin Bio" you will find organic products and you can sit inside.

Organic Chicken for lunch

Coquilles St- Jacques

3) Want some macarons? Go to Damyel Paris in in the Marais. There is a wide variety of flavours and the quality is excellent.


The entrance at Damyel

4) Have breakfast at Cafe St-Regis, near the Notre Dame Cathedral. Get the Formule Coupe De Couer, which includes bread, croissant, egg, coffee and juice.

Formule Coupe De Couer

5) Try jewish pastries, like the "Cigar Libannais" at the bakery Korcarz, in the Jewish area.

The Entrance of Korcarz

Cigar Libannais

Schen Cerise

6) Sample Korean food at restaurant Bekseju Village, near Place D'Italie. Bulgogi and fried chicken are must-try.

Fried Chicken

7) Need a break during the trip? Have a Parisian hot chocolate (with whipped cream, of course) at Café Des Concerts.

Parisian Hot Chocolate

8) Buy some wines to bring back home at "Le Repair De Bacchus", a chain of wine shops in Paris.

The entrance of the Le Repaire de Bacchus shop

9) Have dinner at Le Verre Vole' near Canal Saint Martin. Get the cooked ham and the cheese platter. You can choose among a variety of natural wines to drink or take away.

Cooked Ham

Cheese Platter

10) Have a crepe bretonne at Alizée Creperie. You'll find organic crepes, both salty and sweet. One of the best is with jamon serrano!!

Crepe with serrano

Sweet crepe

Here you have it: 10 foodie things to do in the city of Paris!
Location: Parigi, Francia