Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Korean Street Food in London: Review of On the Bab

Located just a few minutes away from Old Street station, On The Bab is a small restaurant offering Korean street food to eat in or take away. It' often busy, so to avoid a huge line up is better to get there early on, like 7pm. "Bab" translates as "rice" in Korean, so it's not surprising to find many dishes with rice here.

The menu is quite simple. It's divided into small dishes, including the Pajeon (a seafood pancake served with spring onion), main plates, traditional dishes, on the side and "Anju", foods like fried chicken to be eaten with alcoholic beverages, according to Korean culture.


All kinds of cocktails are available. However, I decided to order the typical Soju, a classic alcoholic beverage derived from rice. The taste is similar to Gin, so I found it difficult to have with food! Instead, the Korean beer Hite turned out being great to balance the spiciness of some foods!

One of the best dishes is Kimchi, a mix of fermented vegetables which you can get here for only 2£. This one was actually not too sour and very tasty. It paired well with the Pajeon, which was rather bland. Buns filled with vegetable fritters were a huge surprise. The bun was really soft and turned out being a delicious and healthy sandwich!



Also, I enjoyed the Bibimbab, a classic Korean dish made with rice, vegetables, egg and meat. I recommend to have it with marinated beef, called bulgogi. Here they also add gochujang, a Korean condiment made with red chilly. You can share the Bibimbab, like I did, as it's a big portion!


The fried chicken with sweet spicy sauce and crushed peanuts, instead, was a disappointment: too many flavors in one single dish, and quite heavy too! Also, there were no desserts to finish the meal. A mint tea ice cream could have ended an otherwise enjoyable meal.

Fried Chicken

In brief:

Service:  8/10
Quality/Price: 7/10
Waiting time: 7/10
Ambience: 8/10

Overall: 7.5/10
Notes: Ideal for an informal dinner with friends.

Location: Londra, Regno Unito