Monday, July 27, 2015

Top 10 Bellavita Expo

During the Bella Vita Expo in London I was a judge for the food awards and I rated some of the best foods and wines of the fair. Have a look at 10 of the products that caught my attention.

1)Culatello di Zibello, the king of Italian salumi. Sweet and tender. It pairs perfectly well with Lambrusco wine as it cleans the fattiness of the culatello.

2) Wine aged in the sea: a complete new discovery for many of the judges!

3) Pistacchio di Bronte and the amazing products derived: pesto and crema di pistacchio.

4)Birradamare: the artisanal beer from the Lazio region. One beer, the ZiaAle, is made with artichockes and rosemary. Simply delicious and perfect with Roman dishes! 

5)Limoncello, 100% organic and made solely with lemons from Sorrento.

6)Prosciutto di Praga, from Trieste, cooked with a crust of bread in the oven! 

7)Prolongo Prosciutto, one of the best artisanal Prosciutti di San Daniele.

8)Shiraz wine from Valle D'Aoste. Aromas of wild berries and lavender. It's incredible how this grape can adapt to cool climates.

9)Baba from Napoli, made with rum. Classic dessert.

10) Panettone made with 100% extra virgin olive oil. Light and healthy. Easy to digest.