Thursday, September 24, 2015

London Pizza Festival: Street Food at Borough Market

Think about five pizza trucks in a competition for the title of the best street pizza judged by the consumers. This is what happened at the London Pizza Festival, the first of its kind in the city. Organized by pizza expert Daniel Young, it took place at Borough Market this month and attracted a huge amount of foodies. Tickets were sold out well in advance, although they were quite expensive: 30 pounds for six quarter-slices and one beer, or one soft drink. It turned out being an extremely popular event, also thanks to the popularity of the Borough Market and pizza in London.

Made of Dough's truck
Honest Crust's pizza
Pizza chef Salvatore Salvo was invited from Naples and made his speciality: pizza Cosacca, made with Corbara cherry tomatoes, pecorino Bagnolese, extra virgin olive oil and basil. One of the best pizza I ever tried: very digestible, soft and with high-quality ingredients. It’s a unique piece of art. Salvo was the guest pizzaiolo. The pizza trucks competing, instead, were Sud Italia, Made of Dough, Yard Sale Pizza, Bertha’s and Honest Crust. They offered one kind of pizza that was most representative. Some pizzas were really special and "modernist", like Bertha’s, made with house-made kimchi, mozzarella and Devon Blue. Amazing and more "traditional" pizzas were: Sud Italia, discussed in my previous post and made with fresh buffalo mozzarella, rocket, parmesan and cherry tomatoes; Honest Crust's pizza "Cheek a Kale", made with smoked pig's cheek, kale, garlic, chilli and mozzarella.

Honest Crust's pizza

Salvatore slicing Cosacca pizza

Salvatore and customers waiting for pizza!

Overall, it was an interesting event with a great potential. It could be largely improved in the future, for example by including pizza masterclasses and acrobatic pizza shows. A larger location and a less costly ticket would definitely improve the experience, too.