Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Festival of the Heat: International Spices Reunited in London

I am not a big fan of spices. I rarely try them. Also, I tend to use all the same spices when cooking and usually avoid the chilly sauce in a plate. Thus, going the Festival of Heat in Shoreditch last month was a challenge. When I tried the spices offered by the various stands, I was always cautious and tried less chilly sauces. However, I ended up trying many of them out of curiosity.

There was a huge line up to get in the festival and, once inside, there were people waiting for food. It was a great success. Live folk music was a great addition to the festival, which attracted people of different ages and parts of the country. Given the omnipresence of spices, fresh beers were seen as essential for many of the visitors to refresh the mouth from the "fire" of the chilly sauces.

One of the best street foods of the festival was the Peruvian Burger by "El Peruanito". It is made with beef marinated in aji panca, a Peruvian red pepper, served in a potato bun and topped with red onion and creams. Simply delicious: one of the best burgers I ever had. No surprise: the man behind the stand "El Peruanito" is Adolfo Martinez, an experienced cook who uses only high-quality ingredients and the Peruvian know-how in the kitchen. Highly recommended. Have a look at their website for more info.

I left the festival with a full stomach and goal of using more spices in the future for cooking. We'll see how far I will venture.

Location: Shoreditch, Londra N1 6BY, Regno Unito