Friday, February 26, 2016

Good Lunch, Disappointing Dinner at Las Iguanas

It sometimes happens that when you try a restaurant the first time you find it special and the food incredible, whereas the second time everything falls apart. The service is worse, the food is not as fresh and the overall experience has changed drastically. This is what happened when I returned to Las Iguanas at Old Spitalfields market. It is a chain of Latin-American restaurants which was started in 1991 in Bristol street and now has several branches in the UK.

The First Time: Just after the Christmas break, I time I went there for lunch. Though the place was packed, the service was quick and efficient. The waiting time for food was about 20 minutes. The burger I had was medium-rare as I requested it and I really enjoyed the sweet potatoes that came with it. My first impression was that the food was good and service quick.

The Second Time: A few days later, I went there again. This time for dinner on a Tuesday night with two Maltese friends. The place was still busy. I asked the first employee I saw -a barman -how long it would take to wait. He said about half-hour. Then, when we were about to leave, the waiter said there was not waiting time as he found a spot for us straight away. Already, a sign of miscommunication between staff.

We sat and ordered drinks, which came fairly quickly, and some food. We wanted to have a light dinner. Now, we shared the smoked haddock croquettas and I ordered a burger with caramelised onions with extra cheese. We waited for one hour for food and my burger had neither onions nor cheese. Indeed, it was quite dry and lacked condiment. I realized that quickly so the waiter asked the kitchen to make a new one. It took 20 more minutes and I was starving. I finally had it while my friends had finished theirs. As a compensation for the bad service, we got some extra croquettas, which were savory and fresh, yet in that situation we did not fully enjoyed them.
The menu


The Burger

In short, the miscommunication between staff made the experience rather poor. The waiting time was unacceptable. There was not enough staff and some orders were wrong. Therefore, my friends and I are not likely to come back there, surely not for dinner!
Location: Londra, Regno Unito