Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wine Tasting: Le Prieuré, A Taste of Lebanon

More than 150 years ago the Jesuits founded "Chateau Ksara" in Bekaa valley (Lebanon), planting vines at high altitude. Today this winery is the oldest and largest winery of the country, producing around 3 million bottles per year. "Le Prieuré" - loosely translated as "the monastery" - is arguably their most iconic and representative wine since its main grapes (Cinsault and Carignan) were the among the first to be planted by the Jesuits. A true taste of Lebanese terroir, this wine has spicy notes of clove and herbaceous hints of bell pepper and spinach in the nose. Smooth and medium-bodied, this wine pairs perfectly with spicy charcuterie and red meats.

Location: Londra, Regno Unito