Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pizza as UNESCO's Heritage: An Important Step Towards its International Recognition

I have been studying the application of Neapolitan Pizza making as Unesco's heritage since my master thesis at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in 2013. Back then, the application was still in a waiting list and it seemed unlikely that it would have been proposed again. Some even considered the Mediterrenean Diet, already enlisted, as related to the tradition of making pizza.

Pizza Margherita: the Classic Neapolitan Pizza

As I explained during my presentation at pizza chain RossoPomodoro in London last year during the #PizzaUnesco tour, recognizing this tradition can help preserve this ancient tradition, which could disappear due to the expansion of global, mass-produced and cheap pizza. Also, Unesco's safeguarding can ensure that the traditional art is promoted around the world and that the figure of the Pizzaiuolo gains international reputation.

On Friday, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO approved unanimously the "Traditional Art of Naples' Pizzaiuoli" as the only national candidature for 2017. This is an important step that was achieved thanks to the hard work put by the Fondazione Univerde (led by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio), Coldiretti (Italy's largest farmers' association), the associations of pizza makers and the many pizza ambassadors around the world that have supported the application.

#PizzaUnesco at the tour in London

The candidature will be evaluated by UNESCO for the year 2017. There are high hopes to finally have this tradition part of the prestigious list.

Location: Napoli NA, Italia