Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Wine Mannequin Challenge in Bordeaux

In the last few months, youtube and the internet in general is going viral with the Mannequin challenge, which basically involves people freezing in a particular position while the cameraman is filming around and zooming in for details.

In the U.S it's a huge phenomenon: the NBA team of the Cleveland Cavaliers made one with Michelle Obama and many American football teams made the challenge in the locker room. There are so many example on the web and I found one from my previous university (UNISG- University of Gastronomic Sciences) which showed my former professor and his students "frozen" during what I guess is a beer tasting class. It's pretty cool! Check it out here

It made me think that it is time for a Wine Mannequin Challenge involving only wine-related activities. Thus, I have prepared a video, with my friend Adrien who acted as cameraman, that involved my friends and I at the cellar of a nice wine bar in Bordeaux. Some of us are doing simple things like checking the wine list or smelling the wine. Others do more crazy things.The result? Have a look the video and let me know!

Cheers! #winemannequinchallenge

Location: Bordeaux, Francia