Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wine Tasting: Blanco Afrutado Seleccion Bodega Frontera (El Hierro, Canary Islands)

Frontera is the main bodega in El Hierro, the smallest of the 7 canary Islands and with a peculiar volcanic terroir. It is widely available in the Canary archipelago and it is now entering the American market, in the state of Florida.

The Afrutado style is an off-dry wine, which has got high residual sugar and is popular among the locals, who usually associate Afrutado with a blue bottle (the entry-level Afrutado from Frontera has got a blue bottle). 

This Seleccion is made of Viariego Blanco and Listan blanco, two local grapes, and it is a special edition. Made with a craft bottle with a wax cap, whose cost by itself counts to more than one euro, it is enjoyable by itself or with a light dessert, but overall it is not made to have with food, rather to enjoy at the end of a meal.

Notes of ripe apricots, peach and hints of exotic fruits like papaya. Very good wine for a little over 9 euros.

Location: El Hierro, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spagna