Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Calling All Wine Lovers: It's Time to Vote!

Last week I received the great news that my post on the wines from Canary Islands has been included among the finalists for the Wine Blog Awards by Millesima, in the category "wine travel". This is a great honour because, although I write about food as well, wine has lately become the main focus of this blog. I hope to reach more and more wine lovers in the future and share my passion for wines that are true expressions of terroir, like the ones I have tried during my trip in the Canary Islands. To try to win the Millesima blog contest, I need your support! So, if you guys have a minute, please check out this link below and share it with your friends! You will find the article and the possibility of voting for it. Just make sure to press on "submit" at the end to validate the vote, like outlined in the picture below. Hurry up, though. The voting period ends on Friday!


Location: Isole Canarie, Spagna