Monday, January 16, 2017

Guiguan Malvasia Volcanica 2016

Lanzarote is a land of volcanic wines and whites are predominant, though they do make some reds and interesting sweet wines. During a meal at a seafood restaurant there, I chose a pretty good bottle of local white. I am talking about the Guiguan Malvasia Volcanica 2016. Mineral, with lovely flint notes and aromas of peach, citrus, pear and lychee. It paired extremely well with paella thanks to its freshness. 

Malvasia Volcanica is an early ripening grape unique to the Canary Islands, where it is widely used by the bodegas. Guiguan, family winey located in the area of Tinajo in Lanzarote, is a small artisanal producer whose wines are hard to find outside of the island. If you are in Lanzarote, though, you can buy it easily in wine shops or order it in a restaurant for a quite reasonable price.

Location: Lanzarote, Provincia di Las Palmas, Spagna