Monday, January 9, 2017

Tasting Ronmiel: The Digestif from the Canary Islands

When we think of high-quality rum we usually think of the Caribbean and South America. Indeed, when I was offered honey rum in the Canary Islands to end my meal, I was suspicious. Yet, it proved to be a great experience. Ronmiel, aka honey rum, is a local speciality and is made as the classic rum, but with the addition of honey.  In 2005 a Protected Denomination was made by the Spanish Government to protect the quality of this product. Originally made only in homes and consumed locally, it is now also available overseas in certain markets as the United States.

The ronmiel I had, from producer Artemi, is pretty well known locally and it has notes of honey, caramel, dried figs, sultana and orange peel. Persistant in the mouth, it is recommend ice cold. A great way to end a meal!
Location: Lanzarote, Provincia di Las Palmas, Spagna