Monday, May 22, 2017

Food Memories from Soave: Tortellini Di Valeggio and Risotto Mascarpone Basilico

Doing research on volcanic wines, this week I had the chance to go to Soave, in the Veneto region, to meet important people in the industry for the Soave Preview event, organized by the Soave Consortium. One of the best encounters was with master sommelier John Szabo. Two amazing days, filled with journalists from around the world. Great wines to be tasted, but also some foods that have remained in my mind. 

I am talking about the classic Tortellini di Valeggio. Not the classic tortelli from Emilia, this little hand-made pasta is actually from the Veneto region, more precisely from the town of Valeggio. Filled with beef and pork meat, and seasoned simply with butter and sage, these are simple yet delicious home-made pasta, which in my case was also accompanied by culatello (the best of Italian salami), following the advice of Aldo Lorenzoni, the president of the Soave Consortium. This was from day 1, lunch time, at Enoteca Il Drago.

Tortellini di Valeggio

In the evening we are in the stunning Palazzo del Capitano of Soave. The best dish of the night is a risotto mascarpone basilico that is full of taste and creamy. Luckily, we could pick any Soave we wanted from the ones available for tasting. So we were able to taste this risotto with one of my favourite whites. 

Risotto and Morning View in Soave

The day after I wake up in the agritourism Corte Tamellini and I still have in mind the simple, yet great food I had the previous day. I am surrounded by nature, lots of trees and vineyards. I am thinking of the risotto that I had and I just think: I could not be in a better place.

In the upcoming post, more on the wines tried during the event!


Location: 37038 Soave VR, Italia