Saturday, May 13, 2017

Memories of the Last Evening in Bordeaux: Wine, Friends and Funny Moments

Last week in Bordeaux and it's time to catch up with friends. 

Good times at Vins Urbains

I decide to spend the last evening drinking good wines at Vins Urbains with my classmates. The Givry 1er cru Clos De Servoisine 2015 from Domaine Joblot was definitely the highlight. 

100% chardonnay, from a small domaine located in a very tiny Burgundy appellation. I loved its floral and herbal notes (camomille, white flowers and freshly cut grass), along with its freshness and sapidity. 

Givry 1er cru Clos De Servoisine 2015 Domaine Joblot

The red from this producer was also outstanding. 100% Pinot Noir, with red cherry and black pepper aromas, grippy tannins, with good ageing potential. Fruit-driven and a beautiful expression of this noble grape. 

Next stop: Aux 4 Coins Du Vins, another of my favourite wine bars. My friend Michele makes me try a bottle of Sauternes 1990 (my vintage!) that he was given as a gift. I tried earlier in the day, but at room temperature it did not give its best. Instead, chilled was simply amazing.

Luigi tasting the wine

Notes of almonds, walnuts, chestnut honey, dried apricots and a very long length. A real pleasure to the senses. Beside loving this wine, what I will always remember is the funny conversation that went on with my friend: 

G: "I love this Sauternes. I find notes of chestnut honey and almonds"
M: "Yeah. It's tue. Chestnut honey! And tofu too.."
G: "Tofu..."

I smell again and taste.

G."Maybe toffee.. What Tofu?!"
M: "Yeah. My mistake. I meant toffee, not tofu"
G: "True.. even then, what sorts of taste does tofu have?"

We agreed that tofu is indeed quite tasteless and that when you are tired, at the end of the day at work, you might end up making funny mistakes.

Anyway, that was a special night, my last of my journey in Bordeaux. And it was one to remember.

Location: Bordeaux, Francia