Sunday, November 12, 2017

Exploring Soave during Sapori Soavi: Food, Wine and Arts

Living in Soave, the small town in the Veneto region that makes some of the world's best white wines, I often come across festivals and events that are food or wine related.
While going for a coffee this morning I have seen a whole range of producers and artists in the main street (via Roma), and all offering interesting products to the tourists and locals alike for the local event "Sapori Soavi" (ie. meaning both pleasing flavours and taste of Soave, thus playing with the words). 

Cheese and wine are two of my favorite products and I could not resist to buy wines (a Recioto - the sweet wine- and a Soave) when I found the stand of the family Casarotto, which recently won an award for their Soave at the Merano Wine Festival.  I have met Celeste Casarotto in Merano indeed, and I was really moved by his passion for his job and his genuine and authentic character. 

At the cheese stand I have found a farm from the Lessinia area making outstanding cheese of different styles. I have tried the one whole milk and the one with rosemary, which was divine. Heated a little bit on a frying pan it gives its best. I really pleasant discovery, with the herbal character being a very good fit and not overpowering the flavor of the cheese itself.  I look forward trying it with the Soave wine by Casarotto.

Moving to the "artists' section" I have met really nice people working in traditional way and making hand-crafted objects that are no longer common nowadays. I am glad the traditions are being kept alive and hopefully the new generations will keep those running.

To sum up, today Soave was filled with good food and nice people. That's all you need to have a beautiful day really! 
Location: 37038 Soave VR, Italia