Tuesday, January 28, 2020

3 Things to Try at Saint Lawrence Market in Toronto

Going around the stalls at Saint Lawrence Market on a Saturday in Toronto with friends can be an incredible learning opportunity as you get to taste some delicious food in a rather large but well organized food market, which features some seating too, and original street signs. This is a market with a strong history that dates back to more than two centuries ago and it is definitely one of my favourite spots in Toronto.

What should you try at this incredible foodie delight of Toronto? In this post I outline 3 foodie things to do. Ready? Let's get started! 

The Dining Area of the Market

The Street Signs in the Market

1. Try the Canele at Eve's temptation. Originally from France, this delicious pastries are hard in the outside and soft in the inside. You will love the caramelized crust!

Delicious Caneles

2. Head to to the lower floor  to Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters for some delicious coffee at the coffee bar. They also have a great retail section and some great blends available from a wide variety of regions. Espressos are definitely a must-try.

The Coffee Bar 

3. Taste the bagels at St Urbain Bakery. These guys have brought the famous bagel tradition of Montreal to the city of Toronto and you should definitely give it a try! The bagels are delicious and are a great snack to taste while walking around the market.

Bagels at St Urbain Bagel Stall

Here you have it: 3 things to try while visiting the most important market of the cosmopolitan city of Toronto.

Location: 93 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C3, Canada