Friday, May 17, 2019

The Best Things to Eat at Saint Lawrence Market in Toronto

A beautiful day indeed. Going around the stalls at Saint Lawrence Market on a Saturday in Toronto with friends can be an incredible learning opportunity as you get to taste some delicious food in a rather large but well organized food market, which features some seatings too, and original street signs.

THE MARKET Having worked in Borough and Spitalfields markets in London, I truly appreciate the atmosphere that a market can give you: a sense of community, good food and peaceful atmosphere. As a sommelier, I love to smell the aromas of the different vegetables and herbs (thyme, oregano and basil among my favourite). Also, I love the smell of coffee and the espresso you can get in the lower floor is actually one of my favourite in Toronto, a city that can now offer really interesting coffee shops as alternatives to the large chains as Starbucks which are very common in North America. Having lived in Bordeaux, I appreciated the canele dessert at a pastry stall in the lower floor, though its price is high, especially compared to France where it originates. In fact, the prices at the market are not cheap, but quality has a price, especially in North America.

Whether you are visiting Toronto or living in it, like I do, a visit to the Saint Lawrence market on Saturdays should be on your to-do list. Around 5pm you can also find some discounted products!

A market with a strong history that dates back to more than two centuries ago, it is definitely one of my favourite spots in Toronto and one that is definitely a must for food lovers.

Location: 93 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C3, Canada