Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The 4 Best things to at St. Jacobs Market

It's Saturday and it's market time in a small town in Southwest Ontario, one hour and half outside of Toronto. St Jacobs holds a strong Mennonite heritage and indeed it is common to see Mennonites using traditional horses. Farming and tourism are two of the main economic activities. In particular, St. Jacobs Market, which takes place every Thursday and Saturday, is the main attraction of this little town of around 2.000 people.

The crowd

The Music

I would recommend going to the outdoor area for buying fresh vegetable and fruits (now the cherries are in season and are delicious). In the interior markets, I would recommend eating at the area with local foods rather than the international stall, which had anything available in every other market.

The Vegetables of the Market

Here are 3 things that you should try:

1- Back Bacon, Egg and Cheese at Country Cravings. They make top burgers and back bacon at a very reasonable price. A must try.

The Sandwich

2- Apple fritters with Ice Cream at The Fritters Co. 1/2 portion is enough for one person! Delicious fried and local apples with vanilla ice cream. Add some cinnanomon at the end and you are ready for a delicious snack!

Apple fritter with ice cream

3- Buy bacon to take away. Amazing quality at Stone Crock Meats and Cheese Stall.

The Bacon

4- Enjoy an espresso to end the meal before leaving the market.

The Coffee Bar

Here you have it: 4 things to do at St. Jacobs Market.

Location: St. Jacobs, ON, Canada