Thursday, October 25, 2018

Discover Ericeira: Top Things to Do in Portugal's Surf Town

After a two months break from writing during which I travelled to nice spots in Europe, namely Portugal, Morocco and Sicily, it is time to revisit some of the places visited. 
One of the towns that really impressed me, despite the presence of the storm caused by hurricane Leslie which led to strong winds and rough sea, was Ericeira, half hour away from Lisbon. With a strong presence of surfers, it features small roads in white and blue, nice cafes and restaurants. 

As you arrive, the best thing to do is to take a walk in the small streets and get lost.You will eventually find locals that will direct you in the right direction. The food market, one of the smallest I have ever seen, is indoor and on the top floor it includes a bakery that you do not want to miss. Fresh bread, local pastries and a welcoming feeling will make you start the day perfectly. You will find typical Portugese pastries such as pasteis. In the main square,  Praça da República, where you will find also the information office with an upper floor dedicated exclusively to the surf reserve of Ericeira, you will find two cafes worth trying: Sunset Bamboo Bar, where delicious and healthy juices can be enjoyed with sandwiches, and Pãozinho das Marias, with a good selection of bakery products and a cafe that offers a delicious pastry products at an affordable price.

Espresso and Pasteis at Pãozinho das Marias

Goat Cheese Sandwich and Fresh Juice at Sunset Bamboo

Before leaving the town, you must enjoy the surfing (I recommend Surf Yoga Portugal) and get some souvenirs home. I opted for some ceramicals from the Ceramicas Ericeira whose owner is very kind and makes some beautiful artistic work. Also, do not forget to take a look at the ocean. There are some viewing points where you can see surfers in action or just observe the power of the sea.

Surf Camp in Ericeira (with me in the top, middle!)

Altough it is a small town, it feels international thanks to the omnipresence of surfers. I personally spent the evenings eating in the surf camps, but you can find plenty of good restaurants in the town as well, and seafood is of course one of their specialities. 

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Location: Ericeira, 2655 Ericeira, Portogallo