Making Chaussons: A ‘Gastronomic Interview’ with Maxime Laborde

Today we interview Maxime Laborde, son of gastronomy teacher Antoine Laborde. In one of the chateaux, Maxime, with the help of his dad, prepared the ‘Chausson Gascon’ – a sort of turnover pastry similar to the Italian “panzerotto” – in a ancient oven that dates back to 1833.

Let’s see the story behind this product and how he started the “Chausson Gascon” project.

What’s your main job?

For the moment I work at the airport in Merignac for a Car Rental company. This job pays my bills and allows me to keep working on my projects at the same time.


Since when do you participate in gastronomic events?

We have been doing events for 2 year now. The very first “official” event was the “Foire au vin et au fromage” (wine and cheese fair) in Langon. We were invited by the “Gascons de Bordeaux” association in order to share a traditional recipe called Gasconade. We integrated this recipe inside the special dough I have created and cooked it all in our fire oven.
Antoine (left) and Maxime (right) during the Portes Ouvertes in Sauternes


When did you start to make ‘Chaussons’?

I started making them about 4 years ago. I discovered how to use a wood oven at the time and wanted to create something new. After many failures of the dough recipe I was trying to make, I ended up with one that was different from what I ever tasted and very quick to cook. Since then, I have been working on it to make it better and better. The idea of the chausson came a few days after I managed to make the dough properly. The very first chaussonI made was the chicken curry with pineapple.


Why did you decide to do it also with foie gras and figs?

Every event we do, we try to link the recipes we make with the wine there is to taste or drink. In Sauternes last year we tried our first ever foie gras and figs chausson and it was a big success. That is why this year we did it again. For each event we create a new recipe and taste it for the first time the day we launch the event.
Making Chaussons
Preparing Chaussons with Foie Gras and Figs

What are some of the other chaussons?

Since the beginning of the project we have created many recipes: chicken curry with pineapple; Gasconade(lamb with tomatoes and anchovy butter); fondue de poireaux au Roquefort et raisins secs (Leek fondue with blue cheese and raisins); joue de boeuf carottes (Beef cheeks with carrots) (…)

Where are the ingredients from?

Most of our ingredients are local. We try to buy most of them at local farms and producers.

Were there many tourists during the portes ouvertes? Did they appreciate the chaussons?

Yes. We see many people from different countries. They like to taste the different recipes and compare the Chaussonsto what they know. The recurrent question they ask is “what is the dough you use?”, but this is a secret!

What is the next event that you will do?

For the moment I do not have any events planned in the near future. I am working on a business plan and starting to look around to maybe launch a small Chausson Gascon restaurant.
You can follow Maxime on Facebook for updates on Chausson Gascon .
Chausson with foie gras and (extra) figs and bread

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