Top 3 Things to Do in Quebec City: A Foodies’ guide

Quebec City is a mixture between European and North American culture. Situated along the Saint Lawrence River, it is one of the oldest settlements in North America and dates back to 1608, when the French navigator Samuel De Champlain founded it. Old Quebec feels like being in a charming little French town.

Quebec City is a very popular tourist destination, especially during the summer period. Old Quebec is divided between the Upper Town and Lower Town. The Historic District of Old Quebec was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1995 and is characterized by the presence of fortified city walls. One of the most famous monuments of the city is the Chateau Frontenac, an old hotel that dominates the Upper Town.

View of Quebec City from Upper Town


One can find exceptional local food in Quebec. Here are three things to do:

1) To start off,  I highly recommend the restaurant “Cochon Dingue”, located in Lower Town, if you are craving for seafood. It offers many local dishes. I tried the tasty “Lobster Roll”, a fresh lobster sandwich, served with salad, French fries and mayo. The “Cochon Bourgeois” is a good choice for meat lovers. It is a pork burger, served with salad and French fries. The restaurant offers also a few Quebec wines, including the red “William”, if you want to drink local.  


Lobster Roll

In Quebec City, you can also find many restaurant chains. In particular, I went for dinner to “L’entrecote Saint Jean”, which does not have much to offer besides steaks. The service is poor, prices are expensive and the place is usually very crowded. In fact, I could not even hear what my sister was telling me at the table. So, I suggest avoiding eating at this place. 

2) For lunch, try the “Casse Crepe Breton”, where you will find delicious crepes of all kinds at a reasonable price. For drinks, they also have Quebec beers, including the Saint Ambroise Cream Ale, made by the MacAuslan brewery. The waiters are friendly and the service is quick. So, this is the ideal place for a quick meal.

3) Before leaving Quebec City, you should visit the city’s farmers’ market: the famous Marché du Vieux-Port de Quebec, where you will find a wide variety of local foods and drinks. For example, there is a stand where they sell maple syrup and local vegetables like fiddleheads, while another stand has a great selection of ice cider. This farmers’ market has a great selection of Quebec products, so it is a must for anyone interested in local gastronomy!

Here you have it: 3 foodie things to do in the beautiful city of Quebec!

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