Christmas Celebrations: Canadian Wines, Italian Foods

How did we celebrate the holidays? We tasted Canadian wines alongside Italian dishes.

The three wines we tasted are from Sandbanks winery, located along the shores of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County. ⠀

Sanbanks wines with Italian dishes

They can be purchased online with free shipping in Ontario over 4 bottles. Let’s explore them together.

1) Baco Noir Reserve: From an French American hybrid popular in Ontario, this is rich and structured, it offers notes of blackberry, coffee and plum. Great with meaty dishes, ideal with a Florentine steak.⠀

2)Entre Nous Foche Reserve: Full-bodied red from the Marechal Foch varietal, which is a hybrid French red grape mostly grown in North America. This is our favorite for its complexity: raspberry, black cherry, vanilla, coffee and chocolate. Great acidity. Pairs well with roasted beef, sausages and hard cheeses. ⠀

3) Beach. Great expression of Riesling. Mineral and fresh, it offers notes of lime and citrus. Great aperitif wine: we enjoyed it with focaccia and olives. ⠀

Baco Noir Sandbanks winery

About the winery:⠀

Founded in 2001 by Catherine Langlois, it offers great expressions of international grapes as well hybrids.⠀

Catherine’s mission has been to always make good wines, with a great value, and that can be enjoyed with friends alongside some delicious food. ⠀

The first harvest in 2003, which led to the production of Baco Noir, sold only to local bars and restaurants, was the beginning of a journey which saw the winery expansion, the opening of a wine boutique and tasting bar, listing of the wines at the LCBO and much more…⠀

All in all, this was a great tasting which we will remember also for learning about hybrids typical of North America and savouring a great expression of Riesling, one of our favorite grapes for food and wine pairing. ⠀

Riesling Sandbanks Winery

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